eLux to be the Key Puzzle Piece of Foxconn’s Global Market Strategies
Source:LEDinside | Author:LEDinside | Published time: 2018-07-04 | 6871 Views | Share:

With the immense investment project, Foxconn will no longer be an original equipment manufacturer but a manufacturing-based international company on its way to industry 4.0 with the integration of intellectualized manufacturing, AI and big data.

In June 2018, Foxconn acquired 7.32% share of Epileds, a Taiwanese LED chips maker, from Catcher Technology to increase its engagement in full color LED chips. The company also turned to brand management as Sharp displayed its 70 inch 8K TV at CES 2018. Currently, Foxconn is preparing to present its achievement to President Trump on the new factory groundbreaking ceremony in Wisconsin.

Before 2020, with the help of Epileds, AOT, Innolux and Sharp, Foxconn Technology Group is planning to release Mini LED products including TVs, gaming laptops and gaming monitors. With the acquisition of eLux, Foxconn has completed its Micro LED industry chain. eLux, thus, could be considered as the last key puzzle piece of Foxconn’s Micro LED industry strategies.