Samsung Smart Lighting: Inserting New-Age Efficiency into the World of Smart Luminaires
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LED Lighting systems are beginning to take on a new light – as the leading agent in the move to make businesses, stores and government facilities more automated than ever before. This so-called smart lighting is the harbinger of a new way of thinking that marries energy efficiency with sensitivity to the needs of a building’s occupants.

Offering what many consider to be the best lighting solutions in the world, Samsung smart lighting enables consumers, retailers and utility management teams to help create the desired ambiance in adapting to a user's mood – almost instantly, while maximizing energy efficiency. It includes automated controls to simplify the environmental settings for places such as highly efficient commercial facilities, based on minute-to-minute levels of occupancy, and desired amounts of sunlight. Smart lighting can be applied to any space that uses a lighting system, including homes, offices, retail outlets and even municipal infrastructure.

(Image: Samsung Electronics LED Business)