Light up the Future – New Version Bending LED Bulbs Debuted in Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2017 Autumn Edition
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Liquidleds’ Flexible LED Filaments Light Bulbs debuted in the beginning of 2016 - replacement of Vintage light bulbs and postmodernism design style LED light bulb in Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2017 Spring Edition called “Bending LED Light Bulbs”.

What’s next in the end of 2017?

New Version Bending LEDLight Bulbs, Liquidleds' new product lines are made with all bending infrangible materials, using the company's proprietary production process which drastically improves the quality of light and will open up a variety of options for a lighting fixture design replaced LED filament glass Vintage Lamp. They let creativity roam wild into the world of lighting. Liquidleds’ new Cc 35 chandelier light bulbs with new bending technology with flame shape, 350lm lumen output, light weight, infrangible, dimmable and high CRI 98 is the breakthrough lighting trend in Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2017 Autumn Edition.

Liquidleds showcased 6 new product lines categorized by filament styles: the 8W 2200K, 8W 2600K, 12W 2200K and 12W 2600K series. These series, coupled with different lamp shells, offer customers a menu of up to 28 product selections. "The ability and flexibility to cater customers a wide range of tailor-made products is what differentiates Liquidleds from most others.