eLux to be the Key Puzzle Piece of Foxconn’s Global Market Strategies
Source:LEDinside | Author:LEDinside | Published time: 2018-07-04 | 9661 Views | Share:
The market has put a spotlight on Micro LED technology since Apple acquired LuxVue. Manufacturers of the industry have collaborated to boost the momentum of Micro LED as the technology becomes more and more popular in 2017 and 2018. Besides Apple and Sony, Samsung and Foxconn are also the big names that attract most attention.

Foxconn announced its investment in eLux in 2017, aiming to step into the development of Micro LED, which is considered to be the next generation technology after OLED. CyberNet, the subsidiary of Foxconn, invested US$ 10 million to acquire shares of eLux, making Foxconn Technology Group the biggest shareholder of eLux.

In June 2018, Foxconn’s investment project in the U.S., “Fly Eagle,” got upgraded to “Flying Eagle.” According to the chairman, Terry Gou, the project will select three states for investment and expand to another three states after six months or a year. It will not be only one production plant but the whole manufacturing chain that will be moved to the U.S. The total investment of the project may be more than US$ 10 billion in five years.