Micro LED and Mini LED Opportunities in the Oversupplied Display Market
Source:LEDinside | Author:kindlumi | Published time: 2019-09-25 | 7018 Views | Share:

Chu indicated that the improvement of display specification and creative models mark the requirements of high performance and innovation in the market.

As for high performance, HDR becomes the mainstream requirement for displays. Meanwhile, 4K resolution can no longer fulfill the new demands so panel makers are diversifying their products with 8K resolution. Nevertheless, these progresses of specification take place within conventional display structure.

On the other hand, innovative products are emerging. Foldable, flexible, curved and transparent displays as well as holographic projection are the new opportunities for the display industry with conceptual products showcased at event one after another. For example, LG debuted a foldable OLED display while Samsung demonstrated displays in varied shapes by splicing several display modules. We are entering a whole new era for display materialized by the panel manufacturers.

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