Micro LED and Mini LED Opportunities in the Oversupplied Display Market
Source:LEDinside | Author:kindlumi | Published time: 2019-09-25 | 6769 Views | Share:

According to Chu, Mini LED cost reduction can be realized from advancing chip production, transferring process as well as PCB and driver IC enhancement.

The key to improve chip production include increasing yield and uniformity, together with shrinking chip size and expanding emitting angle. Upgrading transferring efficiency and accuracy is necessary for the manufacture process as well. As for PCB and driver IC, panel makers are switching PCB backplanes to glass ones and replacing driver IC with TFT to reduce cost by advancing semiconductor structure.

Speaking of end product application, Chu said that Mini LED has least opportunity to break into the smartphone market. Instead, the demands for diversified tablet applications may rise in the future; Mini LED could thus be a highlight. Nevertheless, cost is still the key.

Mini LED, compared to OLED, has more advantages in high-end applications such as IT and automotive display considering the cost. If Mini LED backlight cost can be further reduced to a level that is similar to LCD following technology improvement, it might join the mainstream market. In addition, Mini LED incorporating HDR could be the feature of high-end TVs in the future.